Welcome to the Ojai Photo Club

Theme: Shoot From The Hip

April’s Meeting 4/17/2018 7:00PM



1. In street photography, one of the popular techniques that photographers employ is “shooting from the hip.” To sum it up, “shooting from the hip” it is holding your camera at waist-level, and shooting upwards without looking through the viewfinder. One of the reasons why this technique is widely popular is because it allows you to take much more candid image`s of people, as they do not see you shooting them with your eye through your viewfinder, and assume you aren’t taking images. Another thing is that when shooting from the hip, you often get a much more interesting perspective as you shoot from a much lower perspective.


2. an expression which suggests the described person

a. speaks or behaves in a brusque, honest fashion

b. does not censor their actions or words

c. speaks tersely; communicates with the fewest number of words.


Pick your interpretation and show us your stuff.


Sarah Bourscheid - Quiet Compassion

April Presenter


"This collection of photos explores compassion in every day moments and serendipitous encounters. I strive to connect the viewer and subject through intimacy and subtlety, a realization that despite our differences, we share so much in our humanity. The work spans across projects on loss, strength, and love, sharing moments with strangers and very dear friends. For myself, the experience of documenting the world around me is a journey of growth. Through all the people I meet and stories I hear, I strive to deepen my own empathy for others. In this tumultuous and divided world, it’s important to understand that our differences can bring us closer."